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BIM Revit Solution

Do you want to improve your project efficiency, quality and safety? Then it is time to get your work on a freewheel; by decreasing the need for professional engineering, and programming complex calculations. Now you can make your projects safer by reducing the number of possible errors due to the use of incorrect document version. You can efficiently deliver better projects by merely using ConstrucPro planning in your office to save your time and clash. The cloud-Based applications create room to gain real-time access to project data, and also increase project cooperation. One of ConstrucPro’s software has an Autodesk Revit plugin which is based on approved international coding technologies that are designed to ensure users’ experience and to maintain its reliability and safety. Our trusted team will guide and work with you when required.

Construction and Engineering Solutions

ConstrucPro is known as the providers of cloud-based project collection; an administrative solution that also help the advancement of tactical execution, financial performance, and operational excellence across each business.

Proven Project Delivery and Controls

Many projects had shared their tested and trusted review about ConstrucPro’s control, visibility and reduced risk. It creates room for more productivity, improve quality, safety and more construction management, field management, and project control.

Design and Construction Coordination

ConstrucPro gives access to what you need with the use of special communications, processes, document, and models. It is a common environment for project submission. It allows you to gain control to guide and keep your entire process moving, including reviews, RFIs, and submittals.

Project Controls

It allows you to gain visibility of project presentations that are across schedule and cost. With ConstrucPro, you stand a chance to manage changes on your projects which covers both the budget and scope with drawdowns that occur eventually. It reduces changes that occur on contract management with one portal that allows managing downstream and upstream contract projects. ConstrucPro gives you the ability to monitor project performance proactively with real-time variance.

Stay Connected

ConstrucPro provides a real-time collaboration; with this, you gain more control of work processes in a mobile app that is easy to use. It has an incredible feature that you can use to share your project information, access models, and manage inspections anytime, anywhere.

Real-time coordination in the same environment

You can easily access what you need with a single truth document, communications, models, and processes. It provides a platform for project control and delivery. It provides insight for most connected processes to ensure the success of the project.

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