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How ConstrucPro Works

ConstrucPro has a QR code system that can stamp QR code on any document or drawing automatically and it is attachable to any tool or equipment which allows you to track them using any mobile device. ConstrucPro provides the following services: development of an individual solution, onsite consultation, customer care support service, full application with data upload, document and asset tagging.

ConstrucPro Helps You Run Your Project

Consultation and Implementation:
One of the most critical decisions in any company is the implementation of a new system. With ConstrucPro, you have a voice to guide and a hand to hold, we support you through the entire process and provide you with more guidance after the system is fully implemented. We carry out a wide range of investigation on existing system and project.

Application of ConstrucPro:
Our trusted team will guide you on the proper tagging of your documents or equipment with the system that is specially designed for the industries, and at the same time, register to the system. ConstrucPro has a team of specialists who are responsible for carrying out a wide range of trainings to empower you to get acquainted with all of the features and functions of ConstrucPro and the steps involved in using it effectively.

Development of Personalised Solution:
We provide you with the platform to authorise the right employees that can use the system; in registering the entire documents and equipment in the system alongside a software team that is connected to your ConstrucPro account and your personal business requirements. Enhancing Quality, Safety and the Environmental Performance of Construction Works. It is designed to be used for quality check, safety work and defect checking. It demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements and leverage on real-time.

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